Monday, September 10, 2007

Sunday, September 02, 2007


Random sketchbook dump, and pastels. The top is a study of my backyard, the bottom is drawn in high park. The bottom one was drawn with a pastel set i discovered in my room from a couple years ago. It was missing any reddish greens, so it was hard to get believable greens.
I had to wait at Union Square San Francisco by myself one day because i was waiting to do an orientation with a company called CDS that runs a program for foreign students coming to the states, so i drew the square.
The sketch of the fish was done in an aquarium in san fran. I was mesmorized. All anchovies do is swim in circles. There were over 500 of them in a huge tank just swimming counter clockwise the entire time i was in there they did not deviate off course. Also they have a hyper extended jaw, everytime they open their mouth it looks like they are disconnecting all the bones in their face.